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Who are we?

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Our Mission

Pacific Steel is dedicated to being a welcoming team environment where students feel empowered and inspired to explore STEM, are comfortable to try new things, and grow closer as friends. We also work to give back and serve our community, as well as inspire the next generation of STEM students. As students get involved with our team, we further their development into individuals of faith, determination, and success.  

Our Mission

FIRST Robotics Competition is an international, non-profit robotics competition for high school students. Each January a new game plan is released, and teams have 6 weeks to build an industrial sized robot to manipulate several objects and compete against other teams. Students work guided by mentors: FIRST alumni or team adults, to learn, grow, and have fun. 

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Visit Us

Visit US!

We are blessed to have the new Daniel and Mary McSweeney Engineering Complex to house our team. We now have an indoor testing facility large enough to house a full half field! We practice on our layout all season, and welcome any team in San Diego who would like to join us. In competition season, we love to hold full scale practice matches! Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. Whether you want to play in practice matches with us or simply test your code on a competition size field, please, come visit us!

  • Head Down Del Mar Heights Rd, towards main campus entrance 

  • Instead, turn onto Old Carmel Valley Rd 

  • Turn right into back parking lot at the first stoplight 

  • Upon entering, turn left at the farthest row and park near the gate for the away side football field

  • If unloading a robot, proceed through the gates and drive down the hill behind the building 

  • Turn right towards the football field and then right again and pull up to the garage doors to unload.

Park Here

See you soon!

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robots and Trailers
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